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I’m Erdem Gunay,
Game Designer &

I design and develop games in Unity and Unreal Engine. I am experienced in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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About Me

I am a game designer and developer based in Toronto, Canada.

Recently I've been working on Wrest, a VR horror game, released on Steam, as well as Bubble Bloom, a mobile game released on App Store. Both releases are from Shaftesbury Tech.
I've also worked with companies such as Dibs, 2020 Armor, Silly Walk Games and Wero Creative. I'm also a part of Regularly Scheduled Programming Games team.

Before my career in the game industry, I studied industrial design and photography. I began my game development journey as a game programming student in George Brown College. During that time, I published an Android game on Google Play and I worked at Wero Creative as a programmer. Next, I attended grad school to study Game Design. I took part in 2 projects, Exorcism at Dusckridge Manor and Havoc Highway which we showcased at Level Up 2019 event. At the same time, I worked with Armor 2020 to develop their mobile Augmented Reality App.

You can learn more about my projects on my portfolio.
if you wish to contact me, send me an email at:

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